Our Committees

2016-2017 Committee List & Chairpersons

Here is a list of committees and their purposes: 2016-2017-pto-committees

Book Fair- Laura Hansen (koolaidklan@hotmail.com), Amy Gilbert (Amy.cherries@gmail.com)  and Frances Banuelos (Frances.beard@yahoo.com)

Creative Committee- Tabby Hatfield(tabathann@hotmail.com)  and Katie Courter (k.courter@live.com)

Art to Remember- Laurie Johnsey (lauriejohnsey@msn.com) and OPEN

Donations- OPEN

Family Fun Nights- Monica Miller (mrsmonicamiller@yahoo.com)

Fun Run- Kamaria McDonald (Kamaria99@hotmail.com) and Denise Kowanetz (dkowanetz@gmail.com)

Parent Nights & Auctions- Jen Rockwell (jenrockwell79@gmail.com) and Georgianna Hormann (Georgiannahormann@cox.net)

Golf Tournament- Samantha Hamblin (hairdosam@cox.net) and Denise Kowanetz (dkowanetz@gmail.com)

Teacher & Staff Appreciation- Allyson Thompson (alyallyson@yahoo.com) and Ashley Piper (ashleyjordan@cox.net)

Student Events & Appreciation- Julie Mitchell (tjcmitchell@prodigy.net) and OPEN

Caring for Campus- OPEN

Redemptions- Kristy Birschbach  (jkbirschbach@cox.net), Randi Hayes (ride-blue@hotmail.com), and Nichole Bowman (bowmannichole@gmail.com)

Restaurant Nights- Sallie Dykeman (jamesandsalliedykeman@gmail.com) and Laurie Johnsey (lauriejohnsey@msn.com)

Website & Membership- Andi Wilhelm (andiwilhelm@hotmail.com)

Room Parents- Kristyn Holmes (kapow.kabam@gmail.com)