Our Board




Denise Kowanetz, President 2017-2018

I am Denise Kowanetz, I am this year’s PTO President. I have been the PTO Treasurer for the last two years and was a volunteer the year prior to that. My husband Jason and I have an 18 year old about to start college (Adia), and a 3rd (Maddie) and 1st grader (Jack) at PVE. I enjoy being involved in my kid’s activities as well as school. I have truly enjoyed my time volunteering with the PTO and meeting all the wonderful families we have at PVE. Our teachers and staff are tremendous and such fun to work with. I hope to set an example for my kids and show them how much fun and rewarding volunteering can be!


Heidi Polson, Vice President 2017-2018

This is my second year at Palm Valley and have been a board member for ​half of a year. I stepped up mid year after one of the members moved last school year. I have 2 daughters, Willow, she in 1st grade and Charlee is in preschool. I am so thankful for everyone at Palm Valley from the staff to the other parents. We are on a variance with Palm Valley and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. Being on the board and involved with the school has given me opportunities to help out with my child’s education plus meeting new friends a long the way.



Tabitha Hatfield, Treasurer 2017-2018

My name is Tabby Hatfield and I have loved Palm Valley since last year when I sent my only child to school for the first time. He was so proud to be a Thunderbird. I actively participated in the PTO during that school year and enjoyed learning about all the fun activities that help make the school great. I look forward to meeting more parents and being a member of the board this year.



Kim Harris, Secretary 2017-2018

Greetings to all the Palm Valley Thunderbird families! This is our 2nd year with PVE
as Kindergarten was our introduction. As our daughter begins 1st grade this year, our family is fortunate to have a fantastic school, teachers and staff to support all the kiddos and parents. We have lived in Goodyear for the last seven years and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful families through the City and Palm Valley Elementary. One of the ways that help support all that they do is by assisting when possible and this year I’ll be volunteering a​s​ this year’s Secretary.



Cassandra Porter, K-2 Representative 2017-2018

My name is Cassandra Porter. I’ve never been on the PTO board at PVE before, but I’m no stranger to the school. I have been a volunteer on different committees and I have been a room parent numerous times over the last 11 years. I have had 2 kids go through PVE already and I’m on my 3rd. I have 3 boys Cameron is at Millennium and is a Junior, Caleb is at Western Sky in 7th grade then I have Colten that’s a 1st grader in Mrs. Bianchi’s class. My husband Chad and I are very happy to be a part of this wonderful district for this many years. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and serving on the board this year!

Kristy Birschbaach, 3-5 Representative 2017-2018






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